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BAIC Appears at 2015 Madagascar Auto Show

Source:BAICINTL Date:2015-12-22

BAIC Appears at 2015 Madagascar Auto Show

From November 29 to December 4, the 2015 Madagascar Auto Show took place at the Ivato International Conference Center in Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar. BAIC International showed up with its own branded models including the D20, X65 and CC. As a huge biennial motor show in Madagascar, it has been successfully held 10 times. This year, the motor show attracted over 40 renowned automakers with strong product lineups from around the world. In Madagascar, a major market in the East and West Africa region, BAIC International has actively enhanced its brand popularity and reputation. Its debut at the motor show formally expanded BAIC’s brand influence and accelerated its progress of market share in Madagascar.

In 2015, BAIC International signed a vehicle sales contract with Continental Auto S.A., an automotive dealer in Madagascar. Meanwhile, BAIC International paid closer attention to establishing mutually-beneficial collaborative relations, worked with dealers on multi-channel brand promotions, and promoted its products in cooperation with local mainstream newspaper L’Express De Madagascar, magazine Book-Y Auto-Moto and the website site No Comment. Meanwhile, BAIC International put its models on display in busy malls, thus boosting its brand exposure and product influence.

Next, BAIC International will actively develop and construct its secondary sales network, intensify new product promotion and launching, strive to provide better products and services to the local market, and deepen its operations in Madagascar. These efforts will go towards further enhancing its brand influence, establishing a favorable brand image and quickening the pace of brand globalization.

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