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BAIC Group on Auto China–Pacesetter of the Automotive Industry

Source:BAICINTL Date:2016-04-29

The much awaited 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016) was unveiled on April 25th.

“Auto China is an international stage where BAIC Group must prove its strength and potential as one of the key enterprises of Chinese auto industry and a Fortune 500 company. We regard the Exhibition as an opportunity to communicate with the world as well as with the future,” said Xu Heyi, chairman of BAIC Group who made his appearance in a new energy supercar in the Group’s press conference under the theme “Innovation·Presenting the Future”, offering a chance for the world to see the skyrocketing Chinese auto industry through BAIC Group.


BAIC’s Integrated Exhibition Layout 

BAIC Group appears in the luxury car hall, proving its strength as an international company.

The Exhibition of this year has the largest display of BAIC Group’s own brands with the most new releases unveiled in its history. A total of 27 finished cars were exhibited. The Group’s participating branches included its own brands: BAIC Motor, Changhe Auto, BAIC BJEU, Foton and BAIC Yinxiang, and for the first time, its joint venture brands, Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Benz, Changhe Suzuki, etc, were included too.

Hall E4 is a customary place for luxury cars, where this time BAIC Group shares the exhibition with its strategic partners, Daimler, Hyundai and Suzuki, for the first time.

The upgraded booth inspired by the character “北” from the Group’s Chinese name is called “Wings of the Future”, meaning that in future it will aim for progress twice as fast in its traditional manufacturing and its new energy technology. The booth also implied that the Group specializes in high-end manufacturing of both automotive and general aviation.












BAIC Group showcased its overall strength with its products

Electric Supercar – Splendid design

Finally, the high-profile new energy supercar was revealed. Named ARCFOX-7, the car is a high performance B class electric limousine equipped with an 4WD system and a strong engine that enables it to achieve the 0-100km/h acceleration within 3 s, a maximum speed of 260 km per hour and over 300 km range.

ARCFOX-7 fully embodies the future of modern automobiles, that is, it’s light, electric and intelligent. It’s undoubtedly the best looking and the backbone of the Group, with its application of carbon bodywork, fingerprint identification system, phone to car remote wireless key, touchscreen, rearview mirror capable of image display, rear-view camera, and front and back large exterior screens.

Free from fuel, the new energy car runs unfettered.

In his announcement, Zheng Gang, general manager of BAIC BJEV, mentioned the “hummingbird” plan, a technical strategy aimed at leadership in the new energy industry encompassing dynamic design, super electronic drive technology, ultra lightweight technology and super smart networking technology.












The EU220 model presented BAIC’s  unique innovation, the automatic electric change mode, allowing battery change every 3 min., thus achieving an operating range of 400 km.

The popular SUV and MPV add to pleasure of life

The SUV and off-road vehicle market will continue to bolster automotive development in 2016. Fully adapted to the prevailing trend, BAIC almost filled its exhibition with SUVs, including the X25, X35, X55 and X65 and so on. Additionally, MPVs also made their appearance.












BJ Off-road Vehicles

On April 23, two days before the start of Auto China 2016, BJ off-road vehicles were launched at the Simatai part of the Great Wall, including 13 models such as BJ 80, BJ 40L and BJ 40, all new in 2016, demonstrating the “spirit of the craftsman” in BAIC featured by tenacity, perseverance, dedication and profession.

The launch of BJ 80 signifies the formation of the automotive “legion” in BJ brand, with the “soldiers”— modified BJ 80, BJ 40 and BJ 20 fully flexing their muscles.

High technology defines Hainachuan auto parts

Hainachuan Company, an affiliate of BAIC, showcased auto part products in the old exhibition hall near Sanyuanqiao, where the achievements of BAIC in building a powerful industry chain, subdivided in four core business of modules, lightweight, electric  and intelligence, were displayed in an area of 200 square meters.

General aviation aircrafts: Air Brothers

Five helicopter models and two fixed-wing aircraft models rocketed up from the stand, creating a whirlwind.

A great indicator of BAIC’s upgrade is the shared development in key businesses of the automotive and general aviation. Based in Beijing and Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, BAIC has formed an industrial pattern with the fixed-wing aircraft in the north and the rotorcraft in the south.












You can conceive whatever you believe, changes lead to the future.

Chairman Xu Heyi: We’ll Surpass Ourselves during 13th Five-Year Plan Period

Mr. Xu Heyi, chairman of BAIC Group, delivered a speech on development goals in the 13th Five-Year Plan.

The goals include that by 2020, the yield and sales will stand at 4.5 million units per year; the turnover will reach 600 billion yuan. BAIC will be part of the first “lineup” of the Chinese auto industry, as well as part of the top 12 of the global auto industry and top 100 both in global businesses and global brands. In moving towards these goals, BAIC has been developing vehicles for the future and gaining itself more leverage in the future auto market.

A New Experience: Unmanned Driving

New Technology Research Institute of BAIC Group created five driverless cars after the electric vehicle, EX200, among them one is in the static exhibition area and other four are in the 7000 square meter dynamic area.

Mr. Rong Hui, deputy director of New Technology Research Institute, released BAIC driverless cars and briefed the underlying technology development concept.

BAIC driverless cars are equipped with technology such as cruise control, automatic braking, lane assist, radar sensors, cameras, location estimation, GPS, and obstacle detection. If you are looking for more amazing experience, come to the exhibition hall.

Representing Futuristic Aesthetics

Senova OffSpace, considered to be creative in aesthetics, was revealed to the public for the first time in the exhibition. As a special concept car, OffSpace represents BAIC’s spirit of creation and exploration to challenge new areas.












An appearance typical in off-road vehicles featured by strength and multifunction, OffSpace has interior space for a MPV, and is configured with a panoramic screen, a high-suspending panel and a high, far-off central control screen. Personal applications like WeChat can be seamlessly connected to vehicle-mounted applications and built-in sensors can monitor the health of users on the road.


Opening up a New Path with BAIC Characteristics

“Only an open horizon can foresee the future; only a great revolution can lead trends,” says Chairman Xu. He points out that BAIC must forge a new value chain based on Internet Plus, as well as make four major breakthroughs in new energy, self-owned dual-brands, globalization and Intelligentization.

First, rapidly develop new-energy vehicles and tackle problems in key areas; second, build BAIC’s dual-brands (BAIC Motor and Changhe Auto) to get exclusive advantages in independent creation and production; third, expand international business in all respects and develop the competence of allocating resources and dominating the market in the globe; fourth, focus on intelligent driving technology and create products in several generations.

For BAIC, Auto China 2016 is not only a stage to showcase BAIC Group’s culture and spirit, but also a platform to broaden the global vision, learn advanced ideas and gain new knowledge.

Firmly cooperating with strategic partners, BAIC knows no limits and is bound to open up a new, unique path for itself.

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