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BAIC ranked 4th among “China Top 30 Automakers”

Source:BAICINTL Date:2016-05-30

On May 26, 2016, the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released the list of 2015 China Top 100 Machinery Manufacturers and 2015 China Top 30 Automakers in Guangdong Province. BAIC Group was ranked 4th among “China Top 30 Automakers” with operating revenues of 345.2 billion yuan in 2015.
Based on enterprises’ primary operating revenues in the previous year, in reference with their total profit, “China Top 30 Automakers” were selected to present the development achievements of key Chinese automakers in the past year.
证书Outstanding results lead to fame
During the “twelfth five-year” period, BAIC achieved remarkable results. Through group-based development, BAIC has established a system of vehicle and parts manufacturing and service trade, set foot in general aviation and finance, and grown enormously in scale benefit and industrial position. BAIC grew fastest in industrial scale, product technologies and sales revenues from 2011 to 2015, creating remarkable “BAIC Speed”. Since making its debut among Fortune Global 500 in 2013, BAIC has elevated its ranking year by year. BAIC was ranked 207th in 2015, moving up 41 places from 2014 and making the list for the third consecutive year.
In 2015, BAIC sold 2.489 million units with record operating revenues of 345.2 billion yuan and a record profit of 19.5 billion yuan.

证书Independent development and JV cooperation
During the12th Five-Year Plan, BAIC’s own brand passenger vehicles developed rapidly, with annual sales hitting 650,000 units in only five years. In 2015, BAIC brand registered sales of 337,000 units, and the sales of D50 were up 46.79 percent year on year; amid the boom of the SUV segment, BAIC launched several star SUVs consecutively, and formed a SUV series comprising X25, X35, X55 and X65, so as to accomplish the full coverage of the segment.
In the new energy vehicle field, BAIC has become an industrial leader. Through industrial cooperation, BAIC has been China’s electric vehicle sales champion for two consecutive years. In 2015, BAIC sold over 20,000 pure electric passenger vehicles, ranking first in China and fourth in the world. Besides, BAIC has constructed the most charging infrastructure in the industry, including 10,720 private charging piles and 2,326 public ones.
While developing independent brands in an all-out manner, BAIC has integrated global resources and continuously deepened Joint Venture cooperation. In 2015, Beijing Benz manufactured and sold 250,000 units, with its annual operating revenues up 50.8 percent year on year. Beijing Benz has moved into a fast track of healthy development as a model for successful economic cooperation between China and Germany.
Meanwhile, BAIC has worked with Hyundai sincerely. Beijing Hyundai has developed into a top automaker with sales of 1.06 million units in 2015. The company’s business domain is expanding constantly, with its fourth and fifth plants under construction.
Also, BAIC has established manufacturing bases in Russia, India and South Africa, R & D institutions in the USA, Germany and Italy, and sales service networks in key markets such as the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. BAIC’s globalization is showing good momentum.
The 12th Five-Year Plan period has come to an end. Facing the next five years, BAIC has worked out its thirteenth five-year plan, and set the goal of “moving into the top ranks of China’s auto industry with annual production and sales of 4.5 million vehicles and operating revenues of 600 billion yuan by 2020″. Over the next five years, BAIC will initiate all-round and profound strategic transformation, make innovation with new thinking under the strategies of “Internet plus” and “Made in China 2025″, seek new breakthroughs through its new strategy, and became prosperous, so as to transform into a manufacturing service enterprise and innovative enterprise, said Xu Heyi, chairman of BAIC Group.

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